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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Kopete Statistics Plugin

My current developping is my first serious involvment in KDE. I'm trying to do a Kopete statistics plugin which will be able to do the following :
- Log the changes of status of the contacts. Then save in the database by periods (Contact X was Away from Date1 to Date2). This is works. Has to be improved since there is a problem for knowing when a contact is offline (i would like to check changes from Unknown to Offline and then to Offline to something else, but contacts are Offline as default, when you're not connected, which is, I think, illogical).
- Gather some unuseful small stats (average message length, time between two messages (awareness)) etc.
- Output some predictions. That would be the greater thing of this plugin : I could ask to the plugin, "when do I have the bigger probability to see contact X" for instance and it would answer to me.

Well, this will go slowly, because I have school, and competitions at the end of the year, but surely.


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