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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Kopete Statistics, Chapter 4

My plugin is now fully in CVS. If you download CVS and compile Kopete, you should compile it too.

I added two features :

  • One very little : it gives the last time the contact was present (it means Online, or Away, but there)
  • I have added the DCOP interface which JohnFlux was asking in the comments of my last blog entry. So now, you have the following :

    • dcopStatus gives the status for a given KABC contactID at a given date and time.
    • dcopWas<STATUS> which says true or false if the status is STATUS or not at a given date and time.
    • dcopStatisticsDialog which shows the stats.

I need your suggestions to add more stats, more DCOP calls. My imagination is not so big.


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