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Friday, December 24, 2004

My CVS Account and kopete statistics

I'm happy : I now have my KDE CVS access. Yes, one would say that it is not difficult to get one, but nevertheless, I'm happy.

Kopete statistics plugin seems to work and I like looking at this stats. Want to know if X will be online today at a given hour ? Open the statistics dialog, and look at the chart. However there are no predictions. I think this is a bit more difficult and I will maybe take some time to release such code.

Last, you have to have linked your contacts to KABC because my plugin requires an identifiant for the contact to store it in the database, and Kopete metacontacts only have one if they're in KABC.

I'm always asking myself if a database cleaner is required. I'm using this plugin for about two months now and database takes 315 Ko.

At this time, my first commit was importing into CVS my statistics plugin. So now statistics plugin is available on CVS. Feel free to test it. I would enjoy some feedback :-)


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