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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Kopete statistics, predictions

I have a good news and a bad one :

The good one : thanks to JohnFlux I started to write the code for predictions. Currently, it is able to search for centroids (= time of the day where events cluster). Seems to be nothing important, but it allows to get the average time where users use to change status (only Online now).

So you get something like this now in the statistics dialog :


Your contact goes only at about 12:22 and 19:33...

You will easily understand why such stats are only good when your contact have a stable, predictive behaviour. So I still need to compute the standard deviation to get the confidence we can have in the prediction.

The bad one, now : I'm back to school...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Kopete Statistics, Chapter 5


I would like to share this screenshot : it is the latest feature I added : ability to ask questions to the database. Here you select a day, maybe a time (depends on whether the question requires it), you select the question and click on Ask. You get an answer below.

Currently there are only two questions :

  • contact status at the date and time (gives the contact status at ...)
  • main status at date (gives the most used status for the given day)

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And finally,
Happy New Year !