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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Kopete history

Hello !

Here is my recent work :

First, I have been working on the new Add applet dialog, as Aaron kindly explained in his blog. The result is the following :

Nuvola icon theme, filtering in action

Now Aaron has added Drag&Drop, support for all kind of applets (including Menu buttons).

But I have been working on Kopete history too. The history dialog wasn't usable at all : you could only go previous and next, by steps of N messages. Now, there is a list on the left with the days for which there is log for the selected contact. When you click on the day, you get the log for all the day. You can list all your history by selecting All in the combobox.

But that's not all ! You can search through your history : just enter a word, click search and the date list will pe populated by the days for which there is a result ; You can search only for one contact, or through all your history !

A debugging chatsession with a buddy, search in action

I think this dialog could be much nicer, but I'm not an usability expert !

Kopete has never been so cool =)


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