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Friday, September 02, 2005

Kopete debugging

I'm trying to debug some code for Kopete but it is awfully difficult (for me) because there are a lot of functions calls and I know which function is called, but not which function called. Moreover, I have not the courage to learn how to use gdb and kdevelop debugger runs the bad kopete (the not-installed one). I have discovered a tool, thanks to Olivier Goffart, kdebugdialog which allow to change the number of output you want to get (ie. I can get only Jabber plugin output, etc.) And it works for all KDE applications using kdDebug. Just try it and you will see how nice this tool is :-)

Finally, I succeeded in solving the bug :-). It prevented the user to send a message to a group containing Jabber contacts.

Some days ago, Olivier closed an annoying bug: Statistics plugin and History plugin didn't appear in contact list context menu on some Kopete installation (well, all my friend's installations ;-)). So in KDE 3.5 you will be able to see the new history dialog (cf. previous posts) and give us some feedback (fulltext search, history sorted by date; I think it's the best history browser ever seen ;-)) and to test statistics plugin.

I just saw that I had a new tool on this blog called "Show word verification for comments". I have activated it and I hope that it will avoid some unwanted spam comments in my blog. You will just have to type a word displayed on a picture before posting your comment.


  • well, then, lets test it - and see how difficult it is to read the word :D

    (its not that difficult, i see. nice one, i'd say - keep it!)

    By Blogger superstoned, at 1:54 AM  

  • "I know which function is called, but not which function called."

    That's what I like about eclipse's JDT. "right-click on anything -> references" helps understanding code which is not written by yourself very much!

    By Blogger Till, at 11:57 AM  

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